21st Century Black Resistance: Antiracism Activation Through Conversation

11 AM – 1 PM ET January 21, 2023 ANITA D RUSSELL, MEd Personal Transformation Expert, International Bestselling Author, Professional Speaker, and Founder/CEO The Place to SOAR. VP Media Relations for the Dr. Edna B.McKenzie Branch of ASALH A Virtual Event Presented by Anita D Russell “Antiracism activation is a verb. It is sustainable grassrootsContinue reading “21st Century Black Resistance: Antiracism Activation Through Conversation”

First Annual Antiracism Activation Summit 2023

Produced & Hosted by Anita Russell, VP of Media Relations, Dr.Edna B McKenzie Branch of ASALH Personal Transformation Expert | Professional Speaker | International Bestselling AuthorFounder/CEO The Place to SOAR Creator/Host of InflexionPoint Podcast 15 SPEAKERS IN 5 DAYS VISION Antiracism activation is tied to generational leadership and influence The virtual experience, First Annual Antiracism ActivationContinue reading “First Annual Antiracism Activation Summit 2023”

Celebrate Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s 147th Birthday

Upcoming Branch Event – December 17, 2022 at 11:00 AM ET Sponsored by The Dr. Edna B. McKenzie Branch of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History & The Pittsburgh Chapter of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society  “How Well Do You Know Dr. Carter G. Woodson?” A Celebration of Carter G. Woodson’s 147thContinue reading “Celebrate Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s 147th Birthday”

ASALH 107th Annual Meeting & Conference Recap

Black Health and Wellness Embedded in the History of Montgomery Alabama DescriptionThe personal recap of the 3-day ASALH Meeting & Conference 2022 hosted in historic Montgomery Alabama is presented through the lens of two branch members: Eli M. Kirshner and Anita Russell. Eli M. Kirshner, Branch MemberEli operates the genealogical and historical research business, ExploreStory, which specializesContinue reading “ASALH 107th Annual Meeting & Conference Recap”

Thirteenth Amendment Exception Clause

From the Desk of Ronald B Saunders, President of the Dr Edna B McKenzie Branch of ASALH “Slavery didn’t end in 1865.  It just evolved.” Bryan Stephenson, widely acclaimed public interest lawyer who has dedicated his career to helping the poor, the incarcerated, and the condemned. The Thirteenth Amendment Exception Clause to the United States ConstitutionContinue reading “Thirteenth Amendment Exception Clause”

Your Democracy Series Launch

Author Gloria J. Browne-Marshall explores the U.S. Constitution from an African American context Thursday, September 15, 2022. Prof. Browne-Marshall, Visiting Professor and Resident Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School from John Jay College (CUNY) and playwright is the host of “Your Democracy,” an animated series on the U.S. Constitution, and creator of “The U.S. Constitution: AnContinue reading “Your Democracy Series Launch”

Black Historians Speak On Objective History

Black Historians Know There’s No Such Thing as Objective History Recent critiques of “presentism” fail to see that we can’t divorce the past from the present—and that supposedly objective scholarship has long promoted racist narratives and suppressed Black history. Keisha N. Blain, Professor of Africana Studies and History at Brown University and Columnist for MSNBC/SeptemberContinue reading “Black Historians Speak On Objective History”

ASALH 2022  Outstanding Branch Programming Award

The Dr. Edna B. McKenzie Branch of Pittsburgh PA has been selected to receive the ASALH 2022 Outstanding Branch Programming Award  How befitting that our Branch would receive this award in its tenth anniversary year! I am quite confident that Dr. Edna B. McKenzie is very much pleased with our work and is smiling down atContinue reading “ASALH 2022  Outstanding Branch Programming Award”

Branch Spotlights

ASALH 2022 Branch of the Year Award Congratulations to the Dr. Edna B. McKenzie Branch of ASALH! The branch structure of ASALH reflects Carter G. Woodson’s belief that our mission, to create and disseminate knowledge about Black history, could not be realized solely by academics. He envisioned branches as a means of extending ASALH’s reachContinue reading “Branch Spotlights”

The Intersection of Racism, Religion and Mental Health in Clinical Care

SATURDAY AUGUST 13, 2022 | 11:00AM – 1:30 PM ET (BRIEF BUSINESS MEETING FROM 11-11:30 AM ET) Program Objectives How racialized trauma affects African American patients’ health (including mental health) and interactions with healthcare providers How religious and spiritual beliefs affect African American patients’ seeking/not-seeking mental healthcare How religious/faith institutions have themselves perpetrated and perpetuatedContinue reading “The Intersection of Racism, Religion and Mental Health in Clinical Care”