ASALH Membership

Membership Is a Two-step Process

ASALH Membership is on a calendar year basis (January to December). Membership renewal begins in October for the upcoming year.

Step 1

The first step is ASALH PITTSBURGH BRANCH membership.

Individual Membership options for the Edna B. McKenzie Pittsburgh Branch of ASALH include Annual and Lifetime options. Select an option to complete your membership online.

We also have membership options for Institutions and Corporations.

Alternatively, you can download the MEMBERSHIP FORM and send a check as payment for your membership as per the instructions. You can also make a donation to our branch by clicking the MAKE A DONATION button below.

Step 2

The second step is ASALH NATIONAL membership. Visit the ASALH National Members Area to complete the membership form.

Look for the Join ASALH button. Follow the prompts to complete your membership. Be sure tor view the benefits of membership.

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