Love Warriors and Battle Scars-An Analysis of Black Healing and Black Resistance

Dr. Edna B. McKenzie Branch of ASALH Welcomes Author, Leader, and Professor, Dr. Johnathan White

May 13 at 11:30 – 1:30 PM ET


“How could a people chronically hated still produce so many love warriors… Where did Harriett (Tubman) come from?” —Dr. Cornel West

“In America I was free only in battle, never free to rest. And he who finds no way to rest cannot long survive the battle.” —James Baldwin

The history of Black people is a history of resistance. But to continue the fighting, there must be healing. There must be living to fight another day. An analysis of Black studies reveals innumerable “Love Warriors” who wielded love in the face of savage oppression assaulting the spirit, minds and bodies of Black people,

Yet, Black destruction has been thwarted and is not eminent. Black people are a healing people, loving, living and fighting, time after time. We will explore examples in religion, (deliverers of transcendent faith messages); examples in the arts (Harlem Renaissance and Hip Hop); and examples in social activism, of healing resistors. One cannot endure or wage the freedom struggle without healing from persecution, violence, dehumanization and grief. Healing rooted in love, is essential to Black freedom.


Dr. Jonathan JeVon White
was born in Norfolk, VA. He
graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a B.A. in Political
Science. He earned his doctorate from the University of
Pittsburgh specializing in modern U.S. and African American
history. His dissertation examined Black jazz musicians in
Pittsburgh before and after integration, and how collective
memory re-imagines the past.

He is an Associate Teaching Professor at Penn State University Greater Allegheny. He has taught courses in history, African American studies and leadership development. He co-founded the Study of Hip-Hop Conference and the Stewart and Jones Scholar Leadership Program. He is a founding member of the Crossing Bridges committee which serves the surrounding community. In addition, he chairs the Anti-Racism Task Force at Penn State University Greater Allegheny. He is also creator of the Black Woman Reaffirmed video project. His upcoming album, “Love Algorithms”, is an eclectic mix of poetry, hip-hop and spoken word.

Dr. White is a board member of the Langston Hughes Poetry Society. In addition, he served as lead instructor of the Full Armor Institute, mentoring young Black men at Mt. Olive Baptist Church. Moreover, Dr. White has conducted Black history workshops and seminars on living a vibrant lifestyle that synthesizes faith and the pursuit of social justice.

Dr. White was awarded the Dr. James Robinson Equal Opportunity Award honoring those who fight for equity atPenn State in 2021. He received the highly competitive
Atherton Excellence in Teaching Award in 2021 as well. Finally, in 2022, Dr. White was a Pittsburgh Courier Men of Excellence honoree. He was recognized for his contributions
in the field of education.

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