Lessons from Harriet Tubman: A Historical Perspective

The Dr. Edna B. McKenzie Branch of the Association for the Study of African
American Life and History and The Harriet Tubman Guild, Inc. Presents

A Bicentennial Celebration, 1822-2022
Lessons from Harriet Tubman: A Historical Perspective

Saturday, May 14, 2022
Zoom Virtual Meeting
11 AM – 1 PM ET

Join Reverend Dr. Judith C. Moore, Founder of Sisters Saving Ourselves, Now and Convener of Black Women Roundtable, Pittsburgh/MonValley for a moderated discussion to celebrate and honor Harriet Tubman’s bicentennial anniversary from 1822-2022. Learn how academic scholars, key stakeholders and descendants of Harriet Tubman are working collectively to build upon her legacy in American history as a Black woman.

Rita Daniels a direct descendant of Ms. Harriet Tubman, is President & Founder of The HarrietTubman Learning Center (HTLC). Mrs. Daniels will discuss the topic, “Keep Going! Why the Harriet Tubman Learning Center is important.”

Patrick McShea is the Manager of Museum Educational Loan Program, from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History Education Division. Mr. McShea will discuss Harriet Tubman’s role as a naturalist.

Kara Whitfield, President and Maxine Engram, a Past President of the Harriet Tubman Guild of Pittsburgh will discuss their organization’s role in Allegheny County.

From Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of History in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, we have Dr. Edda L. Fields Black, an Associate Professor who will contribute to the discussion of Ms. Tubman.

Finally, we will hear the presentation entitled, “The Incredible Life and Legacy of Harriet Tubman,” by Ranger Angela Crenshaw from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

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